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World’s tiniest camera perches on your finger


London : The one-square-inch camera that sits snugly on your finger can click two megapixel images and even shoot video.

New York firm Hammacher Schlememr, which created the $100 camera, insists the 28-gram device works perfectly, despite being a little bigger than the fingertip.

Hammacher’s general manager Fred Berns said: “Although ‘The World’s Smallest Camera’ is only slightly larger than a marble, it takes still images and records video just like much larger cameras.”

“It comes with a wrist lanyard that keeps it close to hand and enables ease of portability,” Berns added, reports the Daily Mail.

The miniature camera, its makers claim, can take JPEG images with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 and comes complete with autofocus. The camera also connects to a computer via a USB cable, just like regular pieces of photography equipment.