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Mamata promises to start writing again


Kolkata: The literary side of West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee will come to fore again with Banerjee Tuesday promising to write a regular column in the party’s weekly mouthpiece, Jaago Bangla.

“After Kali Puja (October end), I promise to start a column in the publication (Jaago Bangla). Earlier I used to write regularly but now I am stretched for time. But I would write for sure,” she said at the launch of the weekly’s annual issue.

Banerjee has penned over two dozens of books including a collection of children’s rhymes titled “Ajab Chhara (Strange Rhymes)”.

Apart from writing, the firebrand leader is also known for her paintings as well as giving music and penning lyrics for Bengali songs.

An exhibition of Banerjee’s paintings held earlier in the year fetched several lakhs of rupees.