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South Africa to be hit by more natural disasters


Durban : South Africa will experience an increase in the frequency of severe weather events, such as droughts, tornadoes, floods, and other natural disasters, state-run news agency BuaNews said.

Latest scientific reports state that the country will become drier in the west and wetter in the east, Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa said.

Molewa said the study is the latest on South Africa’s vulnerability to climate change.

The minister urged all South Africans to support the government in reducing carbon emission while still achieving development targets.

“If we do not act against climate change, and also ensure that the parties reach an agreement that will take us forward in the reduction of global carbon emissions, our development is at stake, our future is at stake, our pristine beaches are at stake,” the minister said.

“Climate change poses a threat to our efforts to achieve our socio-economic development priorities, while it also presents an opportunity to transit towards a green economy,” he said.