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In Bihar, a caravan for women empowerment

By TCN News

Patna: Bihar Rabita Committee is launching its 3rd “Khawateen Bedari Caravan” (Women Awareness Caravan) from April 8th ,2012 to April 15th, 2012 in the rural areas of four socially and educationally most backward Muslim concentrated districts (among 90 Muslim Concentrated Districts) of Bihar (Araria, Purnia, Kishangunj and Katihar). This was informed by the Bihar Rabita committee president Mohammad Salman A Siddiquee.

The Caravan will enlighten the educationally, socially and economically backward women about Government schemes, communal harmony, principles of basic health, hygiene, and nutrition. The caravan will also address the issues related to women about their educational, social, political and economic rights with special emphasis on girls.

Bihar Rabita Committee is a registered charitable organisation and was formed in 1996 as a result of All India Taalimi Caravan led by a very well known educationist and philanthropist Mr Saiyid Hamid (Chancellor Jamia Hamdard and Former VC, AMU). It was constituted for the accomplishment of well thought objectives on the basis of social and common issues, effective coordination that will pave the way for overall development of the marginalized and weaker sections of our society. Bihar Rabita committee believes in pragmatic actions with its holistic, integrated and preventive approach for bringing the marginalised sections of our society in the mainstream through their empowerment and making them aware of their strength. Rabita since its inception has given its special attention to women empowerment.

Rabita has previously organised Khawateen Bedari Caravans in the year 2000 and 2003. These historic caravans covered almost 32 districts of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. Thousands of women took part in the awareness campaign and more than 100 women activists from all over India came and made the caravan a historic and memorable event. The Rabita organizes these awareness campaigns for women belonging to all sections of the society including Hindus, Muslims, Christians and others.

A group of forty women activists are expected to join the 3rd caravan from Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Aligarh, Chennai, Hazaribagh, Patna, and from other districts of Bihar at 23 places in four Muslim Concentrated Districts. Logistics and proper security arrangements have been put in place for the activists. The conference will address the local as well caravan issues among the local gathering comprising all communities expected in thousands. The Conference will have lecture, discussion and some interaction sessions. Caravan member will discuss with local leaders and few selected participants of the conferences at six places through interactive programmes. The arrangement of “Khawateen Bedari conferences” and local logistics for the caravan member including lodging & fooding will be arranged by local representatives such as Members of Bihar Legislative Assembly, Local Institutions & Organisations, and authorities of local bodies.

Rabita aims to achieve following objectives through these awareness campaign among women:
• Promotion of education among women
• Understanding of Health, Hygiene, and Nutrition
• Awareness of Govt. and Non-government welfare schemes
• Women and Social Reforms: their roles and responsibilities.
• Reconstruction of Families & Child nurturing.
• Prevention of unnecessary influence of the unpleasant western culture
• How to manage un-favourable condition: with special reference to Girls
• Awareness of Women Educational, Economic, Social, and Political Rights
• Maintaining the spirit of brotherhood and communal harmony

Bihar Rabita committee is planning to distribute following literatures in the form of a booklet:
• Details of Govt./Non-Govt. schemes
• Female education
• Social reforms
• Health and hygiene
• Promotion of Urdu
• Communal Harmony

The president of the Bihar Rabita committee, Mr. Salman Siddiqee said that “in this age of globalization, unless the complete social and educational development of women are taken care of, it’d be not only difficult but also, impossible to achieve the complete development of the society.” He further added, “being a true Nationalist or also a true Muslim, it is our duty to make our women well aware with the happenings in the state, nation and the world. As our prophet (SAW) said “Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim (male and female)” and we must do our best to make each members of society literate.”

Caravan schedule:
April 8-9: Araria
April 10-11: Purnia
April 12-13: Kishanganj
April 14-15: Katihar

1. Hon’ble. Mr Saiyid Hamid, (Chancellor, Jamia Hamdard and Former VC, AMU) Patron –in-chief, Bihar Rabita Committee
2. Dr. Ahmad Abdul Hai, renowned surgeon of the country, Convenor, IDB-Jeddah (eastern region of India), Patron, Bihar Rabita Committee
3. Mr. Amanullah Khan, Chairman SIT-Delhi (counterpart of IDB Jeddah), Patron & Founder of Bihar Rabita Committee
4. Mr. Mohammad Salman A Siddiquee, President Bihar Rabita Committee
5. Mr. S. Shafi Mashhadi, Former Member Bihar Public Service Commission, and Patron Souvenir Committee.
6. Ms. Farhat Hasan, Convenor special assistance program IDB-Jeddah and Convenor Caravan, President Wemen’s Wing Bihar Rabita Committee.
7. Ms. Kanchan Bala, social activist and sympathiser Bihar Rabita Committee and joint convenor of Caravan.
8. Ms. Shagufta Azeem, Chairman Zila Parishad, Araria, and joint convenor of Caravan.
9. Ms. Nuzhat Nasreen, Vice President Wemen’s Wing Bihar Rabita Committee and joint convenor of Caravan.
10. Dr. Mahjabeen Khanam, Vice President Wemen’s Wing Bihar Rabita Committee and joint convenor of Caravan.
11. Mr. Afzal Husain, General Secretary Bihar Rabita Committee and organizer of Caravan.
12. Mr. Rashid Ahmad, Senior Journalist, Member Bihar Rabita Committee and joint organiser of Caravan.
13. Mr. M. Sabir, Director Holy Vision School, Member Bihar Rabita Committee and joint organiser of Caravan.
14. Mr. Asif Hasan Farabi, Convenor Souvenir.