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Anna, Ramdev join hands, to hold fast June 3


Gurgaon : Anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare and yoga guru Baba Ramdev will jointly sit on a day’s token fast in Delhi June 3 to press for a strong Lokpal bill and to mobilise opinion against black money.

Addressing a joint press conference here, Hazare and Ramdev slammed the government for being involved in corruption.

Hazare said they had no intention of making the government fall. However, there was nothing wrong if the people’s movement proceeded that way.

“Making the government fall is not our intention… if this government is graduate in corruption, the next government will do PhD… But a government that can’t understand people’s voice, it’s not a (matter of) concern if it falls,” Hazare said.

Ramdev added that the present government had no right to rule.

“It can only happen in India that after so many corruption cases the government continues.”

“Time will change and a government will come that will have only those who want a strong Lokpal,” Ramdev said.

The two added that they would travel across the country and campaign against corruption.