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Nanoparticles new age answer to corrosion: Expert


Kolkata: Terming nanoparticles as the latest answer to combating corrosion, a senior scientist Thursday urged the industries concerned to use them as a “smart coating” option.

“Nanoparticles are the next big thing in combating corrosion. Nano-engineered smart coatings would achieve results that cannot be attained in a conventional way,” said A. Sivathanu Pillai, chairman of the National Corrosion Council of India (NCCI) and chief controller (research and development) of India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

“We are at par with other countries regarding troubleshooting for corrosion. Concepts of nano-particles and ‘smart-materials’, as well as self-healing coatings are revolutionary developments,” Pillai said at the 16th National Congress on Corrosion Control here.

Pointing out that corrosion affects oil and gas, automobile, construction and metallurgy as well as the naval sectors, he said in the Indian sub-continent corrosion was very severe near the shores.

“The industries concerned should give due concentration by employing technological solutions. The impact of corrosion could be significantly reduced by good ‘corrosion-smart’ designs with appropriate selection of corrosion-resistant material, use or corrosion prevention and control methods and ensuring planned corrosion maintenance,” he said.

Highlighting the agendum of this year’s Congress, which is held every two years, R.K. Malhotra, director (research and development) of Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Faridabad, said: “We hope to create awareness about the perils of corrosion and provide solutions. We hope to help the industries to deal with corrosion-related problems.”

“There is no study as such on the loss incurred due to corrosion but it has been guesstimated at 3-4 percent of the GDP or Rs.2 lakh crores per year,” said M. Vijaywargiya, executive director-in charge, IOCL, Paradip Refinery Project.

However, Indian companies have come up with smart solutions to tackle the menace.

“We have come up with solvent free epoxy paints which are not only good in resisting corrosion but also eco-friendly. This allows rapid underwater painting of ships and they need not be brought to a dry dock,” said S. Ravichandran, group products manager of Berger Paints.