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India terms North Korea rocket launch ‘unwarranted’


New Delhi : In a strong reaction, India Wednesday expressed concern over the launch of a rocket by North Korea and said “this unwarranted action” by Pyongyang has “adversely impacted peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula”.

The external affairs ministry said in a statement that the rocket launch, which has been roundly condemned by the West and North Korea’s neighbours, was in violation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1874.

India also asked Pyongyang to “refrain” from such actions.

The US has termed the rocket launch as a “highly provocative act” that threatens regional security.

On Saturday, North Korea indicated it could widen the launch window till beyond Christmas citing some technical problems. Heavy snow was also reported to be coming in the way of preparations for launch of the Unha-3 rocket.

North Korea has declared the rocket launch as successful. A previous attempt in April had failed.

The US has claimed that the launch was a cover for testing technology for missiles that could be used to strike America.