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Tewari questions Modi’s development record


Vadodara: Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari Saturday slammed Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and the state’s BJP government, saying the people had experienced no development during the 11 years that Modi had been at the helm.

“The truth is that in the past 11 years, Gujarat’s people have not developed. Only some crony capitalists have benefitted. And to divert attention from these matters, Gujarat’s chief minister plays political football with sensitive international issues like Sir Creek,” the Union Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting told reporters here while campaigning for the second phase of polls.

Tewari backed his claims with several questions to the Gujarat government and to Modi.

“Why has the Gujarat government not implemented the Right to Education,” he asked.

“Gujaratis have immigrated to other lands and prospered and made India famous. And yet, why is Gujarat at 27th place in terms of English education in rural areas,” Tewari wanted to know.

“Why is Gujarat in 17th place on the issue of anaemia, especially among women? Why don’t the poor have houses to live in? Why is Gujarat behind other industralised states in terms of per capita income,” Tewari asked.

“Lastly, Mr. Modi keeps on harping about his government being corruption-free. If that is the case, then why is there no Lokayukta in Gujarat,” Tewari asked.

The first phase of polling in Gujarat was held Dec 13 (Thursday).

The second phase will be held Dec 17 (Monday), and results will be announced Dec 20.