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Shia stake claim on Jewish temple in Lucknow

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reprter,

Lucknow: Shia community has once again raised the demand for handing over the Free Masonic Temple situated at Ram Tirath Marg in Hazratganj at Lucknow. A signature campaign has begun by Shia-e-Haider-e-Karrar for staking claim over the campus.

The association aims to get over two lakhs signatures in support of their campaign. “We will hand over the signatures and memorandum to the Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. Shia clerics have also extended their support to our movement,” said Ehtisham Haider, an office bearer of the association.

Shia groups claim that Free Masonic Temple at Ram Tirath Marg in Hazratganj area was originally a Waqf property and is mausoleum, Karbala Moatmuddaula.

Earlier on 12 September 2011, hundreds of of Shia Muslims led by Imam-e-Juma Maulana Kalbe Jawwad had staged protest to stake claim over Free Masonic Temple. Shias claimed it be to a mausoleum of their Imams and presently being illegally occupied by Jews.

As per the claims of the Shia Muslims, the Free Masonic Temple is waqf property registered by the name Waqf Karbala Moatmuddaula with Shia Waqf Board. It was constructed by King Naseeuruddin Haider in 1815. It came under the possession of East India Company in February 1856 and they handed it over to Jews.”

According to them, Britishers confiscated the properties of Shias for their participation in independence struggle.

According to the Waqf Board, the property was registered with them by Syed Mohammad Agha Meer who was given the title of Nawab Moatmuddaula Bahadur in 1233 Hijri.

The total area is 11.2 bighas which also includes the forest department headquarters. The building has four portions and has round stairs.

A new 21 member committee to manage the affairs of the waqf headed by Maulana Kalbe Jawwad has been constituted. Maulana Saif Abbas is the deputy mutawalli of the said waqf.

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