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8,500 Pakistani women victims of violence in 2011


Islamabad : Over 8,500 Pakistani women last year suffered from violence like sexual assault, acid throwing and even honour killings, a non-governmental organisation said Tuesday.

An annual report issued by the Aurat Foundation to highlight the issue of violence against women said at least 8,539 women became victims of violence in 2011, an increase of over six percent compared to 2010.

The report said the figure was 8,000 in 2010, 8,548 in 2009 and 7,571 in 2008, the Online news agency reported.

Sexual assaults increased by around 48 percent, acid throwing increased by 37 percent, honour killings by 26 percent and domestic violence increased by 25 percent.

The report, however, said that in many cases, police complaints were not lodged, which reflected lack of confidence among citizens to approach the authorities.

Among the total 8,539 incidents in 2011, police complaints were registered in only 6,745 cases.

Out of total, 6,188 incidents were reported in Punjab, 1,316 in Sindh, 694 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 198 in Balochistan, and 148 in the Islamabad Capital Territory.