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Intruding wild boars annoy Zardari’s staff


Islamabad : Despite stringent security and fortified walls, wild boars are increasingly intruding into the Pakistani presidency much to the annoyance of its staff.

“Despite foolproof security arrangements these boars enter the presidency freely,” an official told the Dawn newspaper requesting anonymity.

Fencing and other preventive measures failed to stop wild boars from creeping into the area. They come from the nearby Margalla Hills National Park, he added.

The officials at the Capital Development Authority (CDA) are aware of the problem and are working to restrict the movement of the wild boars.

One of the security officials guarding the President House said: “These animals enter mostly from the nearby nullahs (drains) and manholes.”

The boars breed at a very fast pace and their population may be in hundreds in the jungle close to the presidency, he said.

Trees and bushes on the 470 acres of the President House provide them a safe hideout, the newspaper said Saturday.

CDA spokesman Ramzan Sajid said they used to kill the boars by feeding them wheat grains dipped in poison. He said “this is the best way to kill them”.

The animals keep away from populated areas during the day and hide in drains.

Sajid said the problem of wild boars was not just of the presidency but for the entire city.