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Bangladesh to earn $44 mn from goods transit


Dhaka : Bangladesh can earn about $44 million a year by providing goods transit facilities to India and other neighbouring countries, an expert said.

Transport expert M. Rahmatullah said Sunday there will be an investment boost alongside other positive impacts in various sectors after the facilities are in place.

The country will need three to five years to get its transport system in top gear, The Daily Star quoted Rahmatullah as saying.

“For Bangladesh, transit will open up new avenues of opportunities. It will make out a case for India and China investing in deep-sea port in Bangladesh,” he said.

India will be a major gainer due to reduction in time and cost of goods transport between its northeastern states and the rest of the country, he said at a seminar.

Indian traders might save up to $50 a tonne from such an infrastructure, said Rahmatullah, a member of the government committee on transit.

He added that Bangladesh will need $7 billion over the next decade to develop its road, rail and waterways for goods transit.