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My statement on Congress, Rahul misinterpreted: Khurshid


New Delhi: Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid Tuesday said his comments on the Congress and its general secretary Rahul Gandhi in a daily newspaper had been interpreted “wrongly”.

“I was asked some questions and whatever I said was wrongly interpreted. If you (media) are unable to interpret statements properly, then many other issues will be discussed only within the party,” Khurshid told reporters here.

In an interview to the Indian Express, Khurshid Monday said the Congress was not getting any ideological direction from Rahul Gandhi, who had shown “only cameos of his thought and ideas”.

Clarifying his comment, Khurshid denied saying that Rahul Gandhi was not taking responsibility.

“We want him to take responsibility as he is our leader and we want him to give power to the party. I have not said that he is not doing it. I have said that our new generation leaders should prepare themselves to face the new challenges,” he said.

“I haven’t said that Congress is directionless and there is no quote in the whole report and had I said that it means I am calling myself directionless,” he said.

Khurshid urged the media to take the government’s statements in a positive way as the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) under the leadership of the prime minister was ready to face the global and domestic challenges.

“We want to face them and we will face them with confidence and in a manner that in end of five years of our government, we will be able to present to the country a very positive, constructive and creative story of what we have done in five years,” he said.

On Time magazine calling Prime Minister Manmohan Singh an “underachiever”, Khurshid said: “We have said categorically we don’t accept their assessment.”

“Frankly, I do want to wear on my sleeve my faith and allegiance to my prime minister. We are lucky to have had him as our prime minister; we are today absolutely honoured that we are able to work with prime minister like Dr. Manmohan Singh,” he said.

“In these difficult times, we could not have done with a better choice in terms of a person who could lead us through economic crisis that we face globally and I think if you follow what is happening globally and the kind of attention we get because of our prime minister, you won’t ask a question,” he added.