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‘Iran foiled many bids to assassinate scientists’


Tehran : Iran has thwarted a number of assassination plots aimed at killing its scientists, according to Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi.

One of the plans that the recently apprehended groups were supposed to carry out was assassination of certain Iranian individuals who have made achievements in different areas of science, Fars news agency quoted Moslehi as saying Sunday.

Iranian scientists have made great progress in various areas of science and technology, but they can not be introduced to the public in order to ensure their safety, reported Xinhua citing Moslehi.

In the past several years, a number of Iranian nuclear scientists were killed or injured by unidentified suspects using bombing attacks.

Iran’s intelligence forces could finally frustrate the enemy’s assassination plots, he added.

Iran, as well as some western media, have said the US and Israeli operatives are to blame for these attacks. The US denied these charges, but its close ally Israel have neither denied or confirmed such accusations.