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UP Govt. withdraws state minister status from waqf boards chairmen

By TCN Special Correspondent,

Lucknow: UP government has withdrawn the state minister status given to both Chairmen of Shia and Sunni Central Waqf Boards in the state. The state minister status was given to them during the previous BSP regime on September 21, 2011.

The decision of the state government has serious repercussions. It is seen as a move by the state government to appoint its own chairmen in these posts. However there are several hindrances in it as the post is an elected one and not appointed.

Secretary Minority Welfare, Leena Jauhri has informed that the facilities extended to them as state minister have also been withdrawn. The facilities include Y category security, a police escort, a well-furnished government accommodation and salary plus perks amounting to nearly Rs 50000 per month. Presently Syed Waseem Rizvi is the chairman of Shia board while Zafar Ahmed Farooqui is the chairman of Sunni Central Board of Waqfs.

The release once again confirms that Waseem Rizvi is still the chairman of Shia waqf board.
He has tendered his resignation but it has not been accepted. Rizvi is involved in a tussle with Shia cleric Kalbe Jawwad. Both sides have levelled allegations against each other. Waseem claimed that Jawwad was involved in graveyard scam in Lucknow while Jawwad camp asked for
his resignation on grounds that large number of waqf properties have been usurped during his regime.