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Bill Clinton calls for support to Greek economy


Athens : Former US president Bill Clinton has called for support to the ailing Greek economy.

Clinton, who is US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’ husband, gave a call while paying a short visit to Athens Sunday to address an event organised by Greek-American entrepreneurs, Xinhua reported.

During a meeting with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, Clinton said, “I believe that together, we can do something to help you.”

According to a release issued by Samaras’ office, both leaders stressed the need for structural reforms along fiscal consolidation in the debt-laden country to reverse deep recession fuelled by harsh austerity over the past two years and tackle the Greek debt crisis.

The Greek prime minister welcomed Clinton as “a good friend of Greece” and thanked him for his participation in an initiative launched by members of the Greek- American community.

Clinton visited Greek to promote the “Hellenic Initiative,” an initiative by businessmen of Greek origin living abroad for facilitating foreign investment in the debt-ridden country and to raise $100 million to help charities active in Greece.

The project is strongly supported by the Clinton Global Initiative that aims to address international challenges by bringing together distinguished personalities from across the world.

In statements made during the meeting with Samaras, shortly before addressing a Greek-American audience, Clinton stressed that he believes in Greece’s future.