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Nip and tuck: face fixes for Facebook and the ‘like’

By Aastha Khurana, IANS,

New Delhi: For all those who thought botox jabs and nose jobs were only for those getting on in years, here’s news. An increasing number of youngsters are opting for non-surgical treatments to get that dreamed for face and maximise the ‘likes’ on their pics in social networking sites like Facebook.

From rhinoplasty, a non-surgical nose job involving an injection, to botox, juvederm and laser treatments, youngsters are opting for them in a big way to correct the shape of their nose, eyebrows or lips.

Nikita Sharma, 21, who used rhinoplasty to correct the shape of her nose, talks openly about the benefits of her new look.

“Flaunting physical attributes have become an integral part of one’s life. Through Facebook one can get so many opportunities like modelling, acting and even marriage proposals. So, if I put up my best picture with a perfect face (on social networking sites), it will do no harm. I am very happy after getting rhinoplasty.”

This is a trend confined to not just girls but also boys and they are quite upfront about it.

Like Mumbai-based Arpit Sharma, a theatre person, who used botox to get arched eyebrows.

“When you act, you need to have a specific expression on your face. After a couple of months, I have a play in which I have to portray a negative character. For that I need that cunning look. So I got my eyebrows lifted with the help of botox and I think it is good, because it does not take much time and you don’t need to pay a hefty amount for that,” he said.

This is quite the trend now, capital-based cosmetic dermatologist Vandana Chatrath said.

“These days, everyone, especially youngsters, wants to be popular. Most of them are not happy with their features. In order to have an enhanced look, they opt for non-surgical procedures,” Chatrath told IANS.

“Girls usually opt for treatments like nose correction, lips enhancement, eyebrow lift and cheek enhancement whereas laser treatments are popular among boys,” she said.

Dermatologist Swati Srivastava of beauty and wellness chain VLCC, Mumbai, added that everyone wants “a perfect body and for that they go for magical and effective treatments like botox and juvederm”.

Apart from a perfect nose, youngsters are going for high-arched eyebrows, pouted lips and sculpted bodies.

And the young don’t believe in hiding it. “In some cases, they even upload their photos before and after surgery on social networking sites,” Srivastava said.

The treatment varies with age.

For instance, those in the 18-25 bracket opt for lip enhancement and chemical peels; those in the 26-35 group endorse treatments that promise a youthful look.

The side-effects are few, it doesn’t take time and doesn’t cost too much either.

“Most of these treatments are lunch-time procedures done with injections; so it takes not more than 15-20 minutes,” said Srivastava.

“The treatment cost depends upon the procedure and the area of treatment. Laser treatment starts from Rs.3,000. For nose correction, the cost is Rs.20,000-Rs.30,000, whereas for cheek enhancement one has to shell out around Rs.50,000,” said Chatrath.

Youngsters usually look up to popular Bollywood stars and want to ape them.

So, there are plenty of takers for Katrina Kaif’s lips and jaw line, Kareena Kapoor’s high cheek bones, and Shilpa Shetty’s hour-glass figure. And the boys, discloses Srivastava, want a jaw line like Hrithik Roshan’s and six-pack abs like Salman Khan’s.

The treatments last for six months to a year.

Sometimes, expectations are unrealistic.

“The awareness about such treatments has increased as compared to the past. However, sometimes their expectations become unrealistic. As these treatments are non-surgical procedures, they can be used only for minor corrections. It won’t give the same results as surgical treatmens,” said Chatrath.

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