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54 policemen killed in Karachi in 2012


Karachi : A total of 54 policemen have become victims of “target killings” here in the Pakistani port city this year, Dawn reported Sunday.

In the latest incident Saturday, Shafiq-ur-Rahman, a 27-year-old constable enrolled for commando training at the Benazir Bhutto Anti-Terrorism Training Centre, was shot dead by armed bikers.

The constable was sitting on a rickshaw with a friend near his home. Two masked men on a motorbike pulled up close to the rickshaw, and one got off the motorbike, walked up to the rickshaw and fired multiple shots at the constable, police said.

Police said the victim was targeted either for his “ethnic background” or for “professional association”, the daily added.

According to police data, at least 54 officers have been killed between January and August.