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Attack on Lankan visitors unacceptable, says Karunanidhi


Chennai : DMK President M. Karunanidhi Wednesday said attacking Sri Lankans visiting Tamil Nadu or other parts of India is unacceptable and will affect ties between the two countries.

“At a time when a team from the United Nations is slated to visit Sri Lanka to meet people affected by the internal war and those who have been resettled post war and suggest measures, creating an unnecessary problem here would actually create problems for Tamils there,” Karunanidhi said in a statement.

Urging people of Tamil Nadu to maintain peace, the former chief minister said: “Tamils are not against any race. It is unacceptable to attack Sri Lankans coming to Tamil Nadu or to any part of India for tourism, business or cultural exchange.”

MDMK supporters had Tuesday demonstrated against a group of Sri Lankan tourists in Tamil Nadu.

Buses carrying Lankan tourists were also attacked with stones though nobody was injured.

The tourists, numbering over 180, left for their country Tuesday night from Tiruchirapalli, around 350 km from here.

Karunanidhi said the tourists were attacked after Tamil Nadu government’s orders to send back two Sri Lankan football teams which were in the state to play friendly matches.

“Attacking tourists and sending back sportsmen would affect the long-standing relationship between two nations,” he said.

The DMK chief said training of Sri Lankan defence personnel in India was different and sportsmen travelling to each other’s countries was different.