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Ramdev pitches for ‘prime minister Modi’


Kolkata : Backing BJP leader Narendra Modi as a potential prime minister, yoga guru Ramdev Friday described the Gujarat chief minister as a symbol of development and good governance and asked people to support him.

“Modi is a symbol of development and good governance and people have a lot of expectations from him. He is a good leader and the people should support such a leader,” Ramdev said on the sidelines of a programme here.

Ramdev, who earlier had urged the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to change its priorities and project Modi as its leader in the next Lok Sabha elections, said he would not take the political plunge but would continue working to bring political change in the country.

Likening the incumbent Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government at the centre to the “British regime”, Ramdev said the country needed an honest prime minister and parliamentarians who would work together to bring back black money stacked illegally in foreign banks.

Ramdev was also critical of prime minister Manmohan Singh and described Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi as “confusion personified”.

“Manmohan Singh is an honest man surrounded by dishonest people. He is an uninspiring and energy-less leader. What can one expect from such a man,” he said.

“As for Rahul Gandhi, from head to foot he is confusion. How can you expect vision from a man who is confusion personified,” said Ramdev.