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Arshad Madani criticizes UPA govt for its anti-Muslim stand

By V. A. Mohamad Ashrof for TwoCircles.net,

Kochi: Jamiat ulama-i- Hind’s national president Maulana Arshad Madani blasted out against UPA administration for its pro-fascistic and anti-Muslim stand. He was speaking in program arranged by Jamiat ulama-i- Hind Kerala on 28-3-2013 at Hotel Flora, Kochi.

UPA is playing in the hands of imperialists and Zionists for their deliberate suppression of Muslims. In a democratic and secular nation, one does not expect innocents are being systematically tortured. Unfortunately this is happening in India for some years.

Maulana Arshad Madani

Maulana Arshad Madani made a virulent attack on the Central Cabinet for its “prejudiced and provocative attitude of the Home ministry by way of incarcerating innocent Muslims by fabricating cases.”

Earlier lots of Muslims were killed by orchestrating communal violence and most of the victims were Muslims and most heinous crimes were committed by police. Nobody was properly prosecuted. Now a new mode of Muslim suppression is being administered: finding fertile Muslim youthful brains and destroying them. Police is reluctant to proceed if the real culprit is identified as fascists. These are all based on international anti-Islamophobic links and I have bluntly told Sonia Gandhi to refrain from this onslaught. I am sad that it is not heard in the proper spirit. There were even innocents who languished in jails for over 27 years. When real culprits are wandering here and there, innocents are put in jail, merely because they carry a Muslim name.

Sivaraj Patil, the former Home minister, selectively targeted Muslim youths. Fortunately for us he was ousted. The new fascistic trend is ruining the secular fabric of the nation, which Jamiat ulama-i- Hind wants to uphold. The fast-track court will be a great assistance towards getting justice.

Shukkur Al-Qasimi member of AIMPLB translated Maulana’s speech from Urdu to Malyalam.

Kanjar Hussain Maulana, president of Jamiat ulama-i Hind – Kerala was on the chair and Abdul Kareem Hazrat inaugurated the meeting. Zainul Abideen Maulavi expressed vote of thanks.