Actor Kalabhavan Mani fined for carrying extra gold

    By IANS,

    Kochi: Ace comedian Kalabhavan Mani, who created a fuss at the customs counter in the airport here last week when officials pointed out he was carrying more than permissible quantity of gold, was Monday fined Rs.7,000, officials said.

    The incident occurred last week when Mani arrived from Kuwait. Customs officials spotted a heavy gold bangle on his hand and told him that he was carrying more than the quantity of gold that an incoming passenger can bring.

    As per law, only 20 grams of gold ornaments can be brought in by an international passenger and according to customs officials, the bangle weighed 181 grams.

    Mani, known to throw tantrums, lost his cool and threw away the bangle as he walked away.

    As the incident became news, Mani claimed that the bangle was only gold-plated and expressed his displeasure against the media for playing it up.

    However, officials, proceeding as per law, served notice to the actor asking him to appear before them. He appeared before them Monday evening.

    Since he had not endorsed taking the bangle while travelling to Kuwait, the officials levied a fine of Rs.7,000 on him and returned the article to him.

    Coming out after more than two hours, the actor, who was accompanied by the goldsmith who made the article, waved the bangle before to the waiting media.

    “See, this is the bangle and I have been using it for long. They gave it back to me and now you are free to write the way you wish,” Mani said.