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Popular Front Day observed in Manipur

By Dr. Syed Ahmed, for TwoCircles.net,

Imphal: Like in many other parts of India, Popular Front of India (PFI), Manipur State, also observed Popular Front Day on February 17, 2013. The observance function was organized at Irong Salam Achouba Primary Madrassa ground, Irong Chesaba in Thoubal District.

The function was attended by President of PFI, Manipur State, Mohd. Khalid Rashadi, Vice-President Mufti Arshad Hussain Quasmi, President of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), Manipur State, Maulana Wahidur Rahaman, Advocate Guwahati High Court Md. Ramijuddin Ajaz, members of the front, local leaders and well-wishers.

Addressing the function, Khalid Rashadi said since its inception, PFI has been working for welfare and development of the weaker and backward sections of the society. The minority and the deprived sections in this country are still neglected by our Government, even though the country takes pride in being the world’s largest democracy. In the last 63 years since independence the minority communities in this country have been languishing in backwardness on all counts. They are not getting their due shares in the fruits of development. As a result of the enforcement of black laws in some of the states of the country, many minority civilians have been harassed and killed in the name of insurgency, Rashadi added. He further said the voices of the minority communities of this country have not been heard owing to their poor representation in the parliament.

Speaking at the function, Md. Ramijudin Ajaz said that an extensive and rigorous survey conducted by volunteers of the PFI has revealed that the Muslim community in this country is backward in every sphere. Time has come for the Muslims to stand on their own instead of waiting for assistance from others to develop and progress. Muslims should claim their due shares from the Government, Ajaz added.

The National Executive Council of PFI had declared February 17 as Popular Front Day, marking the day PFI had dedicated to the people of India as a national organisation in the historic Empower India Conference held at Bangalore in 2007.