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13 officers suspended from Tihar in 2012


New Delhi : Thirteen officers were suspended from India’s largest prison, Tihar Jail, in 2012 for dereliction of duty while 35 officers were punished for not properly attending to their work, a top prison official said.

“In the wake of some illegal things, including the presence of drugs and mobile phones in the cells, a total of 13 Tihar jail officers were suspended while 35 officers have been awarded punishments,” Vimla Mehra, director general (prisons) said.

Of the 35 punished officers, 25 were awarded major punishment; 10 got minor punishments.

“A vigilance team has been activated in Tihar jail. Proper scanners and mobile jammers have been placed here, but we need some effective mobile jammers to prevent inmates from reaching outsiders,” Mehra said.

Around seven mobile phones were recovered from the jail campus, while four inmates were caught with drugs in 2012.