Carbon monoxide poisoning kills five in China

    By IANS,

    Beijing: At least five people died after they got poisoned by carbon monoxide at an unlicensed fish processing mill in China, authorities said Wednesday.

    The incident occurred in Guangxi Zhuang region’s in Beihai city when three workers at the mill accidentally fell into a pool of salted fish in the afternoon. Since they inhaled carbon monoxide generated during the fermentation process, they fainted, reported Xinhua citing rescuers.

    The mill’s owner, his father and two sons tried to rescue the fallen workers. But they were affected by poisonous gas in the pool.

    Later, the owner, one of his sons, his father and two workers were found dead.

    Rescuers said there was no protection around the pool when seven workers were trying to take out the salted fish. The owner runs the mill without a licence.

    The incident was being further probed.