Kaleidoscope of nine religions and sacred destinations

    By IANS,

    New Delhi : It’s a religious compendium aimed at getting younger people to understand and appreciate the significance of places of worship. A new book, “108 Shades of Divinity”, provides information about 108 religious sites in the country.

    Ranging from the Char Dham yatra, to the four Shakti Peethas and the Golden Temple, the authors offer insights into the holy sites of nine religious traditions.

    Anju Poddar, Rishab Singhal and Sethu Vaidyanathan co-authored this book with the help of a team of 85 people who researched the pilgrimage sites.

    The book aids those planning pilgrimages, as it offers tips on how to reach different destinations, where to stay and what you might find to eat along the way.

    “We want to encourage youngsters to explore the rich, beautiful religious tapestry of our country. We hope that every pilgrim finds this book a compelling guide and companion on their journey,” said Vaidyanathan, a businessman by profession.

    Vaidyanathan has travelled to almost all the sites mentioned in the book, and he explores places of worship in the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Parsi and Jewish traditions. There are also vibrant photographs that offer a glimpse of the different sites.

    “There are thousands of pilgrimage sites in India, we couldn’t cover them all. We kept our audience in mind, and considered where they might like to travel,” Vaidyanathan said.

    The 280-page, self-published book is priced at Rs.4,500 (excluding taxes).