Google offers new format to advertise Indian products

    By IANS,

    Bangalore : Global search engine Google is offering a new format in India to advertise products and brands for users, the company’s Indian subsidiary said Monday.

    “The new format on under ‘product listing ads’ menu will help users to find and compare products and prices with their images and links,” the company said in a statement here.

    The facility will appear on the right side of the search results page above text ads under product listing.

    “As millions of shoppers across the country use our search facility to research and find products to buy online or offline, the format will enable merchants to showcase their products with price to shoppers for taking informed decision,” the statement noted.

    The new format will also help shoppers turn their intentions into actions.

    “The changes are a first step toward providing technology, tools and traffic to help power the Indian retail ecosystem,” the company added.

    Google’s targetted advertising programme provides businesses with measurable results, while enhancing web experience for users.