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Kirdaar Art Academy to organize national Urdu drama festival in Mumbai

By M. Reyaz, TwoCircles.net,

Mumbai: The fourth national Urdu drama festival is going to be organized from March 27 to April 1 in the city. This year’s festival will be dedicated to AK Hanghal and Dinesh Thakur, both of whom passed away last year.

AK Hangal was an Indian freedom fighter, stage actor, and a character actor in Hindi films, who died on 26 August 2012. Dinesh Thakur too was a noted Indian theatre director, actor in theatre, television and Hindi film, who died on September 20, 2012.
Speaking to TCN, the Founding Chairman of Kirdar Art Academy, Iqbal Niyazi said, “This national Urdu festival is a tribute to two eminent personalities of the theatre world, both of whom unfortunately passed away last year.”

Both Dinesh Thakur and AK Hangal were in many ways associated with Urdu literature and Urdu drama. AK Hangal in fact used to read and write in Urdu language itself.

File photo of performance of Ghazanfar Husain

Kirdaar Art Academy, a Mumbai based group of theatre enthusiasts, comprising of famous writers, intellectuals, renowned poets, social workers and prominent members of teaching fraternity, which for the last 28 years is creatively engaged in social, cultural and educational activities.

In 2010, to mark the silver jubilee year of formation of the group, a series of programmes were organized including drama festival, cultural and educational events, workshops, seminars and symposium. This is the fourth year in a row when Kirdaar Academy is organizing the festival.

A total of 35 plays have been staged so far, by groups from all across Maharashtra in the festival on previous occasions. Besides, Kirdaar Academy has felicitated more than 20 people with “Life time Achievement Awards” who are the legends in their respective fields.

This year Kirdaar Art Academy is organizing the national festival, where eight plays by theatre groups from all over the country will perform in Mumbai, beginning March 27 till 30 and again on April 1, 2013. Teams from Mumbai, Delhi, Bhopal, Jaipur and Jammu would be performing in the five days national drama festival at Mysore Auditorium in Matunga (East).

On the last day, people with theatre, film, education and social backgrounds will be felicitated. Film and theatre actors Nasiruddin Shah and Farooq Sheikh, former Director of National School of Drama Ram Gopal Bajaj, Nadira Babbar and Ramesh Talwar amongst others have already confirmed their participation in the festival.

Entry to the festival is free (by invitation).

File photo of performance of Ek tanha Chaand.

Kirdar Art Academy:

Kirdaar Art Academy has carved a niche in progressive Urdu drama and theatre. The radical thinking it fanned out among its viewers has endeared it to both the drama buffs and critics. The Academy has been careful enough to stage the drama, portraying the burning issues of the society.

Niyazi said, “Unfortunately we have to face the apathy of the Urdu speaking fraternity as they have extended little help.” People associated with other languages, like Marathi and particularly those in the theatre world have helped and encouraged more, he adds.

He, however, counts it as the achievements of the Kirdar Art Academy that despite little means; they have been successful in establishing repute for themselves.

The inception of the Academy, traces its roots to the year 1984 when many prominent writers, scholars, educationist and artists, including Sagar Sarhadi, Salam bin Razzaque, Waman Kendre, Nadira Zaheer Babbar, Anwar Qamar and Tayyab Qureshi came together to form the group.

Under their patronage Kirdaar Academy conducted various literary programmes, symposium and seminars. In the past they have organized Nukkad Natak Competitions and formed a ‘Drama Script Bank’ which boasts of over 5000 Urdu and Hindi plays. It also has the rare distinction of staging original Urdu Plays.

After 1990 all its activities were centered around the progress and promotion of Hindustani Drama and theatre. During these years ‘Kirdaar’ has performed more than 600 shows of over 80 productions in Mumbai, Pune, Solapur, Malegaon, Jalgaon, Bhusawal, Bhiwandi, Surat, Varanasi, Allahabad, Barrely, and Delhi.

During these years ‘Kirdaar’ has performed more than 600 shows of over 80 productions. the highly acclaimed plays of ‘Kirdaar’ are ‘Kutte’(By: Iqbal Majeed), Waiting for Godot by Samuel Backett (adaptation; Krishna Chander), A comedy in Dakhni “Amma! Main Kya Karoon?” (40 Shows), “Aur Kitne Jalyanwala Baug?”(Over 400 shows), “Bijuka Zinda Hai!”, Haanka, Antigone, Navman Charbi, Chor Chor Pakdo Pakdo, Badi Der Ki Meharban Aate Aate…(by Kader Khan) Bhooke Bhajan na hoye Gopala and kisi Seema ki Mamuli Ghatna (by Sagar Sarhadi), Toba Tek Singh, Deewana Shaair and “Aao Kutch Aisa Karen (by Manto), Khassi Karalo, Iqtedar, Kabhi na Toote Aas (by Salam bin Razzaque), Pagal Ghar, Aurat, Janta Paagal ho gai hai, Hum Sirf Compromise Karte hain, Boodha Kahan Hai? Sab Theek hai, & Ye Kis ka Lahoo Hai Kaun Mara?,(52 Shows). These plays were directed by Imtiaz Hussain, Tayyeb Qureshi, Anand Mishra, Javed Akram and Iqbal Niyazi.

They often raise issues pertaining to current turmoil churning in our society. Niyazi tells TCN that after the Mumbai blasts, he questioned the premise of such heinous acts of terror through his play “Yeh kiska lahu, kaun mara,” that is a running production and will be completing its 60th show in the festival.

In “Dahshatgard,” arbitrary arrests of Muslim youths in the name of terrorism have been dealt with.

Logo of Kirdaar Art Academy.

Kirdaar Academy also has the honour of initiating Nukkad Natak in predominantly Muslim areas. Besides drama, Kirdaar Academy multifarious activities involve social upliftment and educational betterment of the masses. Through workshops and stage shows, the Academy has been rendering vital services to the budding artists, and has also started an educational trust.

Schedule of National Urdu Drama Festival

Wednesday, 27 MARCH to Saturday 30 March and Monday, 1 April, 2013 (5 Days) Daily at 6 PM

Venue: Mysore Association Auditorium, Bhaudajii Road, Matunga(E), (Near Arora Cinema, King Circle) Matunga Central Railway Station.

Wednesday 27 March at 6 pm: Inauguration, Awards Distribution

7 pm: A Play by Pierrots Troupe (Delhi), “GHAZANFAR HUSSAIN” (Solo Performance by Salim Shah), Written & Directed By Dr. M. Sayeed Aalam.

Thursday, 28 March at 6 pm: Ssky Vvox (Mumbai) Production

“EK TANHA CHAND” (A Musical Docu-Drama based on life of legendary actress and poetess Meena Kumari), Written & Directed By Roobi S. Saine.

Friday, 29 March at 6 pm: Kirdaar Art Academy (Mumbai), new production, “MILAVAT” (Based on Manto’s short story)

“YEH KISKA LAHOO HAI??”(60th Show)- A Solo Performance by Sadaf Sayeed, Written & Directed By Iqbal Niyazi.

8pm: Samooh Group (Jammu) Production, “KHOL DO” (Based on Manto’s short story), Script: Rajneesh Kumar Gupta & Directed By JR Sagar(Jammu)

Saturday, 30 March at 6 pm: Adakaar Group (Bhopal) Production, “KHALA KAMAL KI” (Written by Rafi Shabbir & Directed by Farrukh Sher Khan)

Monday, 1 April at 6 pm : Rangrez Theatre Group (Mumbai), “GANDHI NE KAHA THA” Directed By Ayatullah Khan.

Contact: [email protected], +91 9664795766

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