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China opposes EU’s aviation emissions levy


Beijing: China has opposed the European Union’s (EU) unilateral decision to incorporate international flights originating from countries outside of the EU into its carbon trading scheme, reported Xinhua.

On Thursday, the European Commission, an executive body of the EU, said eight Chinese carriers could face fines totalling 2.4 million euros, or about $3 million, and the two Indian airlines could face total fines of 30,000 euros.

China has maintained a consistent position on coping with the emissions of international flights through international cooperation under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the International Civil Aviation Organisation, the foreign ministry said Friday.

Many other countries have also taken a negative stance on the EU’s unilateral decision, said ministry’s spokesperson Hong Lei.

China hopes the EU side will fully consider suggestions from all sides, as well as prudently and properly deal with the issue through consultations with relevant parties, including China, the official added.