Certification needed for online campaign: Poll panel

    By IANS,

    New Delhi : The Election Commission Wednesday said all political parties will have to submit certification at the Chief Electoral Officer’s headquarters for using social networking sites for campaigning for the Delhi assembly polls.

    “The political party candidates found using online media for campaigning without certification will be booked under charges of violation of the model code of conduct,” a Delhi Election Commission official said.

    “Expenditure incurred for using online media will be included in the overall expenditure of the candidate and the political party, at the same time. If it is found that expenditure by the candidate exceeds what is allowed, the candidate will be disqualified,” the official said.

    He said candidates will have to submit their social networking identity to the Chief Electoral Officer’s office in Delhi before using the online platform for campaigning.

    “Senior officers from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will be appointed to regulate online campaigning by the political parties during elections,” he said.

    The Delhi assembly election will be held Dec 4.