Allegations against Assam minority welfare boards by BJP Minority Morcha

    By Abdul Gani,,

    Guwahati: Even as Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi tries to play minority card to win votes, Minority Morcha of Bahartiya Janata Party (BJP) has alleged that Char Development Board and Minority Development Board which are meant for the uplift of the minorities of the state, have utterly failed to do its job.

    Talking to reporters in Guwahati, Minority Morcha president Syed Mominul Aowal said that the funds which the central government sanctioned have been misused by the Congress government.

    “All agencies meant for the welfare and development of minorities in the state are in bad shape. Char Development Board and Minority Development Board are also severely affected by mismanagement. The Congress government has completely ignored the welfare of the minority community. They are busy in calculating their own profit than using the fund for the uplift of the poor minority people,” Aowal said.
    Minority Morcha had also brought serious allegation on the Wakf Board properties and its misuse in the state earlier this month.

    He also said that BJP is a better choice than the ruling party as far as the development of the downtrodden minorities. “Congress always talks of the development of minorities but their action says something else. They just need minority people for the votes’ sake. But BJP is the party which think of development for all the poor and neglected people of the society,” he added.

    Besides, they are also planning to start a series of agitation across the state to reveal the failure of Congress government. On December 5, the Morcha will organize a citizens’ meet in every district where they will highlight the Congress’ failures, especially for the development of minority community. After that on December 12, a demonstration in front of the offices of DCs in various districts will be carried out across the state.


    BJP’s minority morcha accuses Assam’s Wakf board of serious mismanagement