Militants attack security forces to provoke: police

    By IANS,

    Srinagar : Militants in Jammu and Kashmir attack security personnel to provoke the latter to act against civilians, police chief Ashok Prasad said Monday.

    He said militant activities in the state had fallen although attacks on security forces were continuing.

    “Overall infiltration (of militants from Pakistan) is down, but the total amount of violence is roughly the same level as last year,” he said.

    “Bulk of the incidents which are sensational are attacks by the militants on security forces,” Prasad told the media on the sidelines of a police function here.

    He said militants were attacking security forces basically to provoke them into taking “stringent action” against ordinary people.

    “These attacks are being carried under a planned strategy. We will revise our strategy to have maximum effectiveness with minimum impact on the general public,” he said.

    “We will not allow the peaceful situation (in Jammu and Kashmir) to be vitiated.”