‘Sustainable development only way to India’s future goals’

    By IANS,

    Agra : Solar Energy Commission of India president Anil Kakodkar has cautioned the people against recklessly destroying natural resources without considering future needs and sustainability of the ecosystem.

    Sustainable development was the only way to the future goals of India, he said, speaking at a seminar on Consumption Levels, Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Settlements organised here Sunday at Dayalbagh deemed University by an NGO, SPEEHA.

    Toxic gases were being released, the soil composition was disturbed leading to abrupt climatic changes, and uncontrolled and thoughtless use of technology to the extreme could prove disastrous in the long run, Kakodkar said.

    Use of wood was leading to deforestation and disturbing the balance which could only be restored by judicious use of resources. Alternative sources of energy and hydro-energy held hope for the future, he added.

    Dr R.K. Malhotra, director, Research and Development, Indian Oil Corporation, said, “The stress in future should be on CNG, LPG, bio-diesel.”

    The seminar was addressed by experts in energy, environment and sustainable development.

    The consensus was that in future eco-friendly settlements, self-sustaining village networks, recycling and re-use of waste materials should be accorded top priority in the agenda of development, said NGO official Pradeep Sehgal.