Minority parents more concerned about children’s safety online

    By IANS,

    Washington: A study reveals that parents of minority ethnic background are more concerned about online safety of their wards as compared to white parents.

    Nearly all parents agreed that when their children go online, the danger from strangers is their biggest safety concern. What also worried them is exposure to pornography, violent content and bullying, according to a collaborative study between researchers at Northwestern University and Microsoft Research.

    But, a parent’s level of concern for these and other online safety issues varies depending on their racial and ethnic background, researchers said.

    Here are some highlights from the study, which was published in the journal Policy and Internet:

    White parents are the least concerned about all online safety issues.

    Parents of Asian and Hispanic descent are significantly more likely to be concerned about all online safety-related issues, reports Science Daily.

    Black parents are significantly more concerned than white parents about children meeting harmful strangers or being exposed to pornography, but not about other issues.