Youth sentenced to death for raping, murdering minor

    By IANS,

    New Delhi: A Delhi court has sentenced a 23-year-old youth to death for raping and murdering his minor neighbour, saying that he does not deserve to be kept alive.

    Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat ordered that convict Bharat Kumar to be hanged till death, holding the case falls in the category of rarest of rare. It also slapped a fine of Rs. 1.1 lakh on Kumar.

    “Perpetrators of crimes like rape and murder forfeit their right to live. Life imprisonment is highly inadequate in these cases and there is no alternative but to impose death sentence,” the court said adding that such type of criminals are a menace to the society.

    The court observed that Kumar killed the victim after sexually assaulting her. It rejected his plea for leniency saying that he has committed a serious crime and mercy to him would encourage the rapists to kill their victims in order to escape being caught or identified, having the belief in their minds that law is on their side and they are not going to be hanged.

    The court taking note of increase in cases of rape and murder said that time has come when the killing of victim by the rapist after rape, even if it is aimed only to avoid identification, should be viewed very seriously and the perpetrators should not be spared of the gallows.

    The incident took place in 2010 when Kumar lured the girl, who was then between seven and 11 years, by offering her snacks and chocolate. He took her to a secluded field in Palam village here, raped her and then killed her by causing severe injuries on her head and face.

    “Kumar found an easy prey in the minor girl to gratify his lust. He not only satisfied his sexual lust upon her but then killed her too. Thus, he has committed not one but two most grave offences i.e. rape and murder…,” the court said.