Seminar on challenges of Muslims in India held in Bengal

    By TCN News,

    Asansol (West Bengal): A function was organised by the cultural and minority department of Asansol Municipal Corporation at Rabindra Bhavan to felicitate the Hujjaje Karam and a seminar was also organised on the topic, “Muslims in India: Issues, Challenges and Prospects” for paying homage to Maulana Azad, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Sir Allama Iqbal jointly. The function was presided over by Alhaj Abdul Sattar and was conducted by Khalid Adeeb.

    Inaugurating the program, Syed Mohd Afroz, Member, State Hajj Committee, West Bengal said that after 34 years of oppressive regime of Marxist the Muslims of Asansol are trying their best to assert themselves and forcing the ruling class to do justice with the Muslims. He also threw light on the contribution of these great personalities.

    Sitting Dr. Shakeel Samdani, Alhaj Abdul Sattar, Chairman and Deputy Chairman AMC.

    Chairman, Jitendra Tiwari said that the Hajis of Asansol prayed for the city at Mecca due to which a big train accident was averted. He said that the communal forces are trying their best to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of the city but they will not succeed and they will have to bite the dust.

    Speaking on this occasion, Chief Speaker, Dr. Shakeel Samdan of Aligarh Muslim University, and President, Sir Syed Awareness Forum, said that the entire international media has become number one enemy of Islam and Muslims because most of the International news agencies are owned by the Jews and anti-Muslim forces. Indian media is also affected by their propaganda. Speaking on the topic Problems of Muslims, Remedies and solutions he said that 90% problems of the Indian Muslims are created by the successive governments. In his very thought provoking and logical speech he said that if the governments implement the constitutional guarantees for Muslims sincerely and honestly the problems of the Muslims can be solved easily. He said that due to under representation of Muslims in services and education they are lagging behind in every walk of life. Continuing his speech, Chief Speaker said that reservation for Muslims is the need of the hour. Expressing his sorrow and anguish he said that the protection of Muslim Personal Law is also a big issue.

    Dr. Shakeel Samdani and Mayor felicitating Haji Samiullah Ansari (Alig).

    Although, the government has not amended Shariat Application Act of 1937 but the rulings of various High Courts and Supreme Court are diluting the protection of Shariat based Personal law. These judges are influenced by the rulings given in western countries. It is imperative on the community to fight this onslaught by producing good lawyers, well versed in Muslim Personal Law. He also advised the Muslims to do justice with their relatives, especially women and try to solve their disputes by Darul Qadha.

    Dr. Shakeel Samdani while praising the West Bengal government for addressing the problems of Muslims, advised the Chief Minister Mamta Banarjee for implementing the decisions of the Cabinet on priority basis. He advised the government not to side with communal forces especially BJP on any pretext otherwise the consequences will be suicidal. He requested the audience to follow the path of Shariah and avoid differences on the basis of Schools. Muslaki-Ikhtilaf should be avoided at all cost. Deputy Mayor, Amarnath Chatterjee and Mayor in Council Rabiul Islam also spoke.

    Mayor, Tapas Banarjee and MLA South said that he is happy to see that the function in memory of Allama Iqbal, Sir Syed and Maulana Azad is being organised by the corporation. He said that like last year’s function this year’s function is also a great success due to the presence of renowned Professor of Aligarh Muslims University, Dr. Shakeel Samdani.

    At the end of the program the Hajis were honoured by Dr. Shakeel Samdani, Mayor, Tapas Banarjee, Syed Afroz, Rabiul Islam and other members of the corporation.

    The program was a great success due to the efforts of Mohd arshad,Javed Iqbal,Qurban Ali, Mohd. Kamal, Adv. Samiullah Ansari, Mohd. Jahangir,Member, Haj Committee, Prabir Chattopadhyay, Secretary, Asansol Municipal Corporation. The program was a great success due to the presence of women and girls.