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60 Syrian doctors expelled for treating rebels

Damascus : As many as 60 Syrian physicians have been expelled from the country’s Doctors Syndicate for treating rebels fighting to topple the Syrian administration, local media reported Sunday.

The doctors’ expulsion came against the backdrop of their “communication with armed groups”, reported Xinhua citing Al-Watan newspaper as saying, adding the syndicate has taken measures against any doctor, who practices his profession in a way against the “profession’s moral”.

The paper citing Abdul-Qader Hasan, chairman of the Syrian Doctors Syndicate, said the syndicate has a right to expel any doctor who treats the wounded without informing the authorities, “especially in the cases when weapons are involved”.

While stressing that medicine is a humanitarian carrier that aims to treat people, Hasan said that practicing profession should be under the law and regulations.

“The doctor must report to the authorities in case he was treating an injured (of gunshot), otherwise, he would be breaking the law.”