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One dead, 326 incidents of violence during Bengal poll campaign

Kolkata: One person was killed and 313 were injured in 326 incidents of violence related to campaigning and political rivalry in West Bengal since the March 5 announcement of the Lok Sabha polls, the Election Commission said Thursday.

According to an official, property worth over Rs.2.50 lakh was also damaged in the clashes.

“One person was killed in Nadia district in an incident March 20,” said Amit Roy Chowdhury, the poll panel’s officer on special duty.

As per instructions, in addition to the one election agent permissible by law for each candidate, the panel can now appoint an additional ‘authorised nominee’ to monitor the process of election in large parliamentary constituencies.

“Such nominees will not have the legal status of election agent but may represent the candidates for meeting officials and may perform non-statutory functions on behalf of the candidate,” he said.

He said 105.9 kg of explosives, 2,433 cartridges, 964 illegal arms and 4,952 bombs have been seized in the state so far.

“The number of arms licences deposited stand at 24,762 while 2,771 have been impounded. A total of 174 licences have been cancelled,” he said.

As many as 44,146 non-bailable warrants have been executed, while 27,045 are pending.

The excise department has initiated 7,497 cases and made 380 arrests, while 2.5 lakh litres of liquor worth Rs.21,36,920 has been seized.

For the third phase of polls, 89 nominations have been accepted after scrutiny.