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BJP candidate Bappi Lahiri declares Rs.12 crore assets

Kolkata: Music composer and singer Bappi Lahiri, the BJP’s Lok Sabha candidate from West Bengal’s Srirampur, has declared assets of around Rs.12 crore, including Rs.20 lakh worth of gold and silver jewellery.

Famous for sporting chunky gold chains, Lahiri declared in his affidavit that he possesses 754 grams of gold jewellery worth around Rs.17 lakh and 4.62 kg of silver valued at over Rs.2 lakh.

However, his wife Chitrani owns more jewellery. She has 3.2 carat diamonds worth over Rs.4 lakh, 967 grams of gold ornaments worth over Rs.20 lakh and 8.9 kg of silver valued at over Rs.3 lakhs.

Lahiri’s total moveable assets are valued at Rs.29,394,661, including bank deposits of Rs.978,411. He spent Rs.9,835,000 in purchasing his five automobiles, including a BMW and an Audi.

His immoveable assets, which include a residential flat and five acres of agricultural land, are valued at Rs.9 crore, while his wife has Rs.5 crore worth of self-acquired immoveable assets.

Lahiri’s liabilities, including bank loans, are pegged at Rs.1.17 crore, while he has loaned Rs.15,593,797 to others.

A non-matriculate, the famed musician has shown Rs.3,263,960 as his income for the year 2012-13 and has never been accused of any offence.