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Indian expatriates mark Independence day by donating blood

By TCN News,

Riyadh: A section of the Indian community here celebrated their country’s 68th Independence Day by donating blood to commemorate the date on August 15.

Around 100 members of Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamaath (TNTJ), a social organisation from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, gathered at the King Fahad Medical City and donated 66 units of blood, on Friday.

Indian expatriates mark Independence day by donating blood

Cholapuram Haja, working with a company and a TNTJ secretary, said that the organisation’s members decided to celebrate the country’s Independence day in a meaningful manner and express patriotism in a way that could help others and save lives.

Indian expatriates mark Independence day by donating blood

“We marked our country’s 68th Independence day in a unique style by organising a massive blood donation camp in Riyadh. We did that to Honor the heroes of India’s freedom struggle,” said Cholapuram Haja.

He said each member of TNTJ visited the KFMC and donated 450 ml of blood. The entire procedure from the general health check to blood donation took less than 30 minutes.

Indian expatriates mark Independence day by donating blood

We are guided by Quranic teaching that says “… And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved the life of all mankind! …” (Al-Quran 5:32)

We got a overwhelming response from our community members as well as from others, he added.

Sr. Reham Saleh, Chief at KFMC Blood Bank and Mr. James, Coordinator at KFMC Blood bank lauded the group for the voluntary service. “Such camps will create awareness among people, both Saudis and expatriates living in the Kingdom,” they added.

TNTJ is comprised of a group of Tamil-speaking youths whose aim is to serve the people.

Donating blood is a fast and simple procedure. Blood donors can donate up to 450 ml of blood (one unit) every two and half to three months; this amount is small, given that the body contains five to six liters (10 to 12 units) of blood. The full blood donation procedure, took no more than 20 to 30 minutes. “What is 1/2 hour compared to a lifetime of help to others who are in need “.

Indian expatriates mark Independence day by donating blood

The voluntary donors of more than 100, including Pakistanis, Srilankans, Bangladeshis, Ethiopians & Saudis participated in this drive. A standard health screening procedure was done prior to blood being donated. Each donor underwent tests for blood pressure, sugar and hemoglobin count before the donation. The checks also included communicable diseases.

Already a call has gone out for people to donate blood that could help save the lives of many people in need, in an emergency.

The event is open to all nationals. Lunch has been arranged for the donors.

Volunteers will transport the donors to the hospital and back..

“The noble act of donating blood will not only give a new lease of life to many, it also heightens our common sense of social responsibility by serving the humanitarian and social needs of our local communities,” the spokesman said.