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Muslim League protests ABP news channel quoting ‘anti-Muslim’ comments

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

Mumbai: Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) has expressed strong objections towards ABP news channel for its anchor’s purported anti-Muslim comments during a programme shown on December 16 in the aftermath of brutal attack on the army school at Peshawar in Pakistan.

The League has demanded an apology from the TV news channel.

IUML has already condemned the killing of school children in the Peshawar attack and have termed it as an act of terrorism that is not allowed under the tenets of Islam.

“During a programme on December 16 about the Peshawar attack, the anchor of ABP Live TV news channel said “Na Hindu ne Mara, Na Yahudi Ne Mara – Musalmano Ne Nara” (The killer was neither a Hindu nor a Jew, but Muslims),” Muslim League alleged and said, such statements from the TV anchor is completely unwarranted, derogatory and has hurt the religious feelings of crores of peace loving Muslims living in India.

The League also alleges that ABP Live had run similar programs in the past that helped in damaging the image of Muslims and it suspected vested interest of the channel behind continuous misleading reporting by the channel that portrays Islam as a religion of hatred.

After condemning the Peshawar attack, Abdur Rahman C H, Mumbai regional coordinator and Mumbai general secretary of IUML, too condemned ABP TV news channel’s commenting on Muslims and has called for an apology from the news channel.

“The anchor said such statement that helps in maligning the image of Islam in general and Muslims in particular. There was no need of utterance of such insulting comments towards the larger domain of Muslims. We are hurt and we demand an apology”, he said.

IUML is in the process of garnering support of secular parties and organizations for holding a street march towards Parliament to condemn such reporting. “We are also in discussion with legal experts to raise the issue before the court of law and to cancel the license of ABP news channel, which has time and again found to have run the propaganda against Muslims”, Rahman said.

[With inputs from Urdu Times]