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Modi promises new dawn for NE; says will carry forward the work started by Rajeev Gandhi

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

Guwahati: Slamming the UPA government and especially the Congress for neglecting the cause of the northeast, Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Saturday promised to carry forward the promises made by former PM Rajiv Gandhi. Addressing a huge public rally in Guwahati, Modi also asked the public to give BJP an opportunity to witness the much needed change in the country.

“I am shocked that during Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure, there was an accord on Assam. But everybody has forgotten that. The congress government is not giving any importance to it. I promise you, brothers and sisters, to carry forward to work for the welfare of the north-eastern states which have huge potentialities,” Modi said addressing a gathering of around 2 lakh of people at Khanapara Veterinary Ground.

He also slammed the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for not doing any significant work for the region though he represented Assam in the Rajya Sabha. “The period of 23 years is a pretty long time but the Prime Minister has done nothing for the region during his tenure as a member of the upper house and as PM to the region. What the country can expect from him?” the Gujrat CM said with his trade mark style.

Modi who highlighted the various developmental issues in his home state criticized the ruling Congress for corruption and unemployment. “Sirf Naam Tarun hone sey chinta Tarun nahi ho jata hai,” he said making the mockery of Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi name as the word Tarun means young and energetic.

He continued, “The Congress keeps boasting about NREGA when it is asked about anything. Have you benefited from it? Out of 12 lakh people, only 10,000 have earned jobs out of that programme. Where will the youth in Assam go for employment? Almost 700 out 1000 youth in Assam are unemployed.”

He said that Gujarat doesn’t have rivers and had no drinking water. Eight years ago, tankers used to deliver water. But now, we have built water pipes so broad that a family can sit inside a Maruti car and drive inside it. The water problem is history in Gujarat now, he said comparing Assam for having poor drinking water facility in spite of having a river Brahmaputra.

Accusing the Congress for poverty in the country Modi said that BJP will bring back every penny of black money that has gone out of India for the welfare of the poor. “You gave Congress 60 years but what good did that do to you? 60 years were ruined now please give us 60 months. I promise to bring the North East on par with other regions of India,” he said.

Earlier, he also addressed another rally in Imphal where he raised the issues of development of the NE states.