Tips to look pleasantly patriotic on Republic Day

    By IANS,

    New Delhi : Inspired by the Indian flag, women like to wear clothes and make-up in colours like green, white and saffron on the Republic Day, Jan 26. While the choice of the colours is perfect, it’s how much you use these to create the patriotic look that should be laid emphasis on.

    Makeover expert Aashmeen Munjaal suggests how to play with the colours wisely:

    * Apparel: Indian outfits like sari, salwar suits with duppatta are the way to exude patriotism. Make your overall wardrobe tricolor. If not all three colours, you can also go for single colours. Western outfits will give you more options. Caps, scarves, gloves or leg warmers can be worn in the three colours.

    * Jewellery: Accessorise yourself with tricolor bangles and ethnic neckaces with earrings and a ring.

    * Hairstyle: You can have your hair coloured or get your hair streaked. If not, you can use extensions in saffron and green. Slim hair bands or ribbons or flowers are other options for those who don’t want to spend much time on working on hair.

    * Make-up: Small dots of the three colours can be used for bindi. For a dramatic look, wear green eye shadow with a white bindi. You can even play with tricolor eye shadows vertically or horizontally.

    * Nail art: Shades of saffron and green can be used in vertical or horizontal manner with polka dots. To add more fun to it, you can try the three shades with Ashok Chakra on the ring finger nail and several other designs like flags or written slogans with tricolor nails.