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Bikinis can’t be banned, but stop drinking in public: Parrikar

Panaji : Bikinis cannot be banned on beaches, but there could be a crack-down on drinking in public in Goa, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said Wednesday.

Addressing a press conference after the cabinet meeting in Panaji, Parrikar also said he did not find anything objectionable with the point of view put forth by Public Works Department (PWD) Minister Sudin Dhavalikar following a private conversation with him.

Dhavalikar’s comments about banning bikinis and short skirts to “protect Goan culture” created a national sensation.

“You cannot ban bikinis on beaches. But we will have to crack down on drinking in the open areas, especially beaches,” Parrikar said, responding to questions.

The chief minister also said Dhavalikar’s opinions were personal and that in a private meeting with him, the PWD minister had explained his part of the story.

“Whatever he told me is not objectionable… I am OK with it,” Parrikar said, adding several accounts of Dhavalikar’s comments had appeared in the media.

Dhavalikar during an interaction with reporters Friday said: “Young girls wearing short skirts in nightclubs are a threat to the Goan culture. This habit of young girls wearing short dresses everywhere does not fit the Goan culture. What will happen to it if this continues? We should not allow this. It should be stopped.”

He also advised that women should stop drinking too, “because it is not good for their health”.