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Environment ministry to get Rs.2,256 crore

New Delhi : The central government Thursday allocated Rs.2,256 crore to the ministry for environment and forests for 2014-15, a 10.58 percent increase in fund allocation compared to 2013-14.

The central government allocated Rs.2,040 crore to the environment ministry during the last budget announcement for 2013-14.

The budget was presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

The secretariat-economic services got Rs.48.57 crore – six crore more that what it got in the previous fiscal – of the total budget allocation for the ministry.

Forestry and wildlife department was granted Rs.459.17 crore, a staggering Rs.386.49 crore less than what it was allocated in the previous financial year.

The total package announced for environmental education, training and extension was increased by Rs.8.46 crore compared to Rs.58.89 crore which was granted during 2013-14.

Despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi led NDA government’s fixation with “Swachh Bharat” or clean India, the allocation for prevention and control of pollution saw a steep fall of Rs.471.53 crore and stood at Rs.135.93 crore for the current fiscal.

The total allocation for the projects related to ecology and environment too saw a significant decline of Rs.172.91 crore from Rs.1,002.95 crore which was announced last year.

Allocations for the central, state and union territory plans stood at Rs.1,171 crore, Rs.870.99 crore and Rs.2,043 crore respectively.