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Brussels Jewish museum shooter held in France

Paris: French President Francois Hollande Sunday confirmed the arrest of a presumed perpetrator of Brussels Jewish museum attack.

“All government is mobilised to monitor the jihadis and preventing them from causing harm, especially when they return to France or Europe. It is a fight at all times,” Xinhua quoted Hollande as saying.

Three people were killed last week when a gunman opened fire at the museum in the busy Sablon area in Brussels. The victims were an Israeli couple, and a French woman.

A Belgian employee of the museum, was critically injured.

According to officials, Mehdi Nemmouche, a 29-year-old Frenchman was arrested in the southern French city of Marseilles Friday. He had a Kalashnikov rifle and another gun with him.

Nemmouche, a resident from Roubaix in northern France, was suspected of living in Syria with jihadi militants in 2013.

Belgium has a Jewish population of some 42,000, about half of whom live in the capital.