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Indian Navy embarks on ‘green initiatives’

New Delhi : Indian Navy chief R.K.Dhowan Wednesday laid down “green initiatives” or a list of measures to ensure all its ships, submarines and aircraft consumed minimum energy resources, a statement said.

“… the admiral has directed that all future plans for augmentation and acquisition of assets/infrastructure projects would incorporate concepts of energy efficiency from the ab initio stages,” said the statement from the navy chief’s office.

According to an official, sustainable green technologies/norms are being adopted to include green fuels, and alternative energy and power.

“On the infrastructure and community living projects, the key result areas (KRAs) include green buildings, waste recycling and management, water conservation and harvesting, renewable/alternative energy and power, environmental remediation etc. with an aim to achieve a zero carbon foot print,” the official said.

Exhaustive guidelines in form of a “energy conservation roadmap” have also been drawn up to implement the “green initiatives” and all formations have been directed by naval headquarters to closely monitor the progress, the statement added.

“The Indian Navy is confident that these steps would go a long way to add the much needed green footprint to its blue water capabilities,” the statement said.