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‘Congress will disintegrate without Nehru-Gandhi family’

New Delhi : Congress Working Committee member Anil Shastri Sunday said the party would “disintegrate” without the Nehru-Gandhi family leading it.

“Without the ‘family’ leading the Congress, it will disintegrate and cease to exist,” Shastri, son of late prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri and a special invitee to Congress Working Committee, said on Twitter.

“All Congressmen should be behind them in this hour of crisis,” he said.

The comment comes as the Congress was reduced to 44 members in the Lok Sabha in the recent parliamentary polls.

Party president Sonia Gandhi has chosen not to lead the party in the lower house, where the Congress is struggling to get the status of the main opposition party.

Voices of dissent have risen against party vice president Rahul Gandhi after the loss, including some questioning his team of advisers.