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Maharashtra to sell 100 MW power to BEST

Mumbai : For the first time, Maharashtra’s state power distribution company, MahaVitaran, will sell 100 MW to the BrihanMumbai Electricity Supply & Transport (BEST), which supplies electricity to south Mumbai, an official said here Thursday.

The power will be sold to BEST for a one year period starting April 2014 till March 2015, at Rs.3.25/unit.

The development follows the state attaining self-sufficiency in electric supply since the past eight months, the official said.

“This is contrary to general perceptions and certain political propaganda claiming that Maharashtra lags in power supply and is plagued by heavy load-shedding lasting over long hours daily,” the official, declining to be identified, told IANS.

The Democratic Front government had assured that the state would be totally load-shedding free by December 2012, but the target was only achieved in June 2013.

The MahaVitaran has already been selling 200-500 MW during night time through power exchanges, but this will be its maiden foray in daytime power sale in view of the comfortable supply position attained, he said.

In fact, the MahaVitaran has planned sufficient power supply to meet all current and future requirements in the state till 2020, he added.

Presently, the state is imposing deliberate load-shedding in just 15 percent of the supply areas due to heavy losses arising out of non-payment of electricity consumption bills by the consumers.

These areas include pockets in Jalna, Jalgaon, Nandurbar, Parbhani, Nanded and some other districts, where the losses are as high as 76 percent.

“As the recoveries progress, even the load-shedding in such areas will be gradually reduced. Presently, the state’s daily power demand is around 16,000 MW. Since we have some excess power left after meeting the full requirements, we have started selling it,” the official said.

Barely a year ago, Maharashtra had faced severe criticism from the industry, agriculture and domestic consumers, besides opposition leaders for the long hours of load-shedding they had to bear daily round the year.

“That is history. Not only are we selling power at night, with BEST, we shall also sell during the day. Some other states are interested in buying power from us and we have planned all our requirements till 2020,” he said.

By May 2014, the state will get an additional supply of 1,200MW from two new projects which shall become fully operational, and make the position even more comfortable.