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No time to relax, says Modi

New Delhi : The gruelling campaign schedule over the past month has not allowed BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi to relax in any manner, including listening to music and reading.

Asked by IANS how he manages to keep fit amid the hectic election campaigning, Modi said: “Yes, in the last one month it has been a very hectic and gruelling schedule. However, when I see the kind of support the people are giving to the BJP, it keeps me motivated to work hard.”

Modi said he was also not getting time to read as well.

“Of late I am hardly getting any time to read anything. I certainly like to listen to music, but again for the past several months, my schedule has not permitted me to relax in any manner,” he said.

The Gujarat chief minister had earlier said he could manage with very less sleep, as little as three hours daily.